K.S.C.H. Workflows

A custom-developed workflow management system for the Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital.

Mission statement

The Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital is a small hospital in Punjab, India where all people receive treatment and then pay what they can afford. It is envisioned to grow up to 500 beds and become part of a Medical College. The purpose of this project is to support that vision.

Unique Value Proposition


The application can be independently operated by the Kirpal Sagar staff.


The software gets adjusted to the hospital's processes instead of vice versa.


The source code can be used for educational purposes in the Kirpal Sagar Academy and external universities.


This is a non-commercial project, intended to support the mission of Kirpal Sagar which is man-making and man-service.

Find out more about the hospital and Kirpal Sagar in general:



Currently this project is a prototype which is not yet being used. The next step will be to present the software to the hospital staff and to find out what they need in their day-to-day work. The first release of the system is then intended to be a very simple system with a handful of features. Then it can grow organically year by year, along with the hospital.

Once the software is in use we want to search for further volunteers to move the project forward. As volunteers only have very limited time available, we also want to collect donations to entrust software development agencies with the development of further features.


The basic structure of the K.S.C.H. Workflows prototype is described here:

Architecture Documentation

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